What is AKARI?

Trust of customers for over 90 years
AKARI is a long-established Kimono store. A wide range of products, from casual items to luxury goods, are available for both Kimono lovers and young people. Please feel free to drop by♪
Rental Yukata has different types of patterns with a low price, you really don't know how to choose! Other Kimono brands such as "Kaga Yuzen", "Chikusen" and "Bushoan" are also available.

Which plan would you choose?

Get dressed in Kimono and go sightseeing to Kanazawa!
Enjoy Kanazawa travel style with our Kimono rental service.

  • Daily Kimono Plan

    25 Kimono pick and select by staff.

  • Standard Kimono Plan

    This is a plan for those who want to experience Kimono dress-up at a rea- sonable price. Just like coordinating your daily clothes, enjoy our Kimono rental in Kanazawa.

  • Premium Kimono Plan

    Why not get dressed in a high-quality Kimono on a special day or while sight- seeing? A wide range of high-end Kimonos, color- ful Obi and accessories are available.

  • Kimono Plan for Couples

    Why not experience Kimono dress-up in your trip or date? The time you two spend in walking around the Kanazawa City, is sure to be pleasant and unforgettable memories.

Three courses for you to enjoy Kanazawa more than ever

Great starting point for traveling in Kanazawa,
“Kanazawa's kitchen”Omicho Market

AKARI is located in a convenient location with easy access to various sightseeing spots, such as Nagamachi Samurai Residence, Higashi Chaya District and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. It's just a 15-minute walk from Kanazawa Castle and a 10-minute drive from Kenrokuen Garden!

AKARI's recommended tourist attractions

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    Rental Process

    7 steps to Kimono rental

    7 steps to Kimono rental7 steps to Kimono rental

    Kanazawa is now gaining considerable attention in Japan!

    Since the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, "Town where Kimono matches" Kanazawa has been gaining attention as a new sightseeing spot! Especially Omicho Market where "AKARI" is located, always fills up with local people and tourists. Why not enjoy the local cuisine that draw from the land and sea with a Kimono dress-up? We would be grateful if you could have a wonderful trip with good memories at AKARI.

    Private Rickshaw Tours

    List of courses and Price

    Chartered Taxi Tours

    Standard Course for those who are the first visit to Kanazawa

    Recommended Course for those who are interested in contemporary art

    Rental Process

    Rental Process

    Next Day Return Plan (until 14:00 on the next day) +1,100 yenGreat plan for enjoying night spots in Kanazawa. You can return the rental items by 14:00 the next day.

    By returning the rental items the next day, fully enjoy the beautiful night time in Kanazawa with your Kimono dress-up.
    * You only need to return the rental items to our store by 14:00 the next day.

    Hotel Return Plan (until 12:00 on the next day) +1,650 yenConvenient plan for returning the rental Kimono at you accommodation. Your luggage will be delivered to your accommodation that day.

    This is a plan which you can wear your Kimono back to your accommodation. Your luggage will be sent to your accommodation by 17:30 that day. A bag provided by AKARI for returing will be placed at the front desk, please put all the rental items in the bag, and take it to the front desk by the time of check out. This plan is limited to accommodations in Kanazawa City.
    * Some accommodations in Kanazawa City may not be available, so please feel free to contact us for details.

    Notes on Use

    Return Policy
    Under no circumstances should return all the rental items withn one week, or in case of loss, we will claim 22,000 yen as a compensation fee. (500,000 yen or less in case of Kaga Yuzen). You have to return all the rental items before the closing time of the store, otherwise a late fee of 2,200 yen (until 12:00 on the next day) will be charged separately.

    Regarding loss, dirt, damaged items and cleaning
    Cleaning fee is included in Kimono rental fee. You no need to care about the dirt (food stains or muddy splash etc.) on the rental items in normal use. However, in case of oil-based paint stains or damages (burn marks, be torn or perforated etc.), we will claim the following amount as a compensation fee. Please inform our staffs when returning.

    Kimoto and other items Komon (for rental) 13,200 yen uniform
    Nagoya Obi & Fukuro Nagoya Obi 11,000 yen uniform
    Half-width Obi 3,300 yen uniform
    Obijime & Sambuhimo 3,300 yen uniform
    Zori 4,400 yen uniform
    Geta 1,100 yen uniform
    Accessories and other small articles Garment worn under kimono (Nagajuban) 5,500 yen uniform
    Undergarment (Hadajuban) 1,100 yen uniform
    Waist-cord 220 yen per one
    Datejime 550 yen per one
    Korin Belt 550 yen per one
    Obiita 550 yen per one
    Obimakura 550 yen per one

    Luggage Storage
    Luggage storage service is provided. Leaving all your bags at our store and give yourself a free hand for the trip! Never leave valuable items at the store.

    Cancellation Policy
    Please let us know the cancellation one day before the appointment day. We do not charge you the cancellation fee.

    Please note that the Kimono dressing time may be delayed if you are late.


    AKARI is well located, and easy to walk around Kanazawa City with various sights in one day.

    Kimono Rental of Omicho Ichiba Akari
    49 Shimomatsubara-cho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, Japan
    Tel: +81-(0)76-201-8119